An Droichead

Belfast Traditional Music Trail is run by An Droichead – an award-winning Irish language and cultural centre with a reputation as one of Ireland’s premier venues for Irish Traditional music. Through concerts, sessions, teaching and outreach, we are actively involved in Belfast’s vibrant traditional music community. You can visit our website here to find out more about our work.

We at An Droichead are also passionate about promoting the Irish language. You will hear some Gaeilge words from the guides – we’ve included them below, so you can use them on the trail.

Fáilte: Welcome

Béal Feirste: Belfast (Mouth of the Sandbank)

Craic: Fun

Ceol: Music

Damhsa: Dance

Bodhrán: A traditional Irish drum. You may see one of these on the Trail – it is made of wood and goat skin and is beaten with the hand or a stick.

Uilleann: Elbow. You may see a set of uilleann pipes on the Trail - these traditional Irish bagpipes use a bag and bellows powered by the player’s elbows.

Sláinte: Health. Used as toast.

Caith siar is ná lig aniar: Throw it back and don’t let it come back up. A drinking toast.

Bíonn Siúlach Scéalach:Travellers have tales to tell.

Slán: Goodbye